Errors or no reason?

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  1. Hi, I reloaded my server after adding my new plugin and now it is giving me these weird errors even though I am nowhere near to maxing out my memory. any help is appreciated.
    Server logs:
  2. It's highly recommended that you shut the server down fully then restart. Using /reload can cause memory leaks, which is most likely what is causing this error.
  3. You ran outta permgen space
  4. Don't use the /reload command. It causes memory leaks (which basically makes your server run out of memory!) always stop your server and start it manually. Or you can add an auto restart script so when you stop your server, it will start on it's own. Just NEVER use /reload.
  5. It's just an error when you /reload many times.
  6. I know, it's not your plugin error, it's the server. Your server reloading will cause you run out of memory.
  7. you have two options:

    1. upgrade your java to 1.8, or
    2. Code (Text):
      specify -XX:permSize and -XX:MaxPermSize for your 1.7/1.6 JVM
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