Solved Errors with Override and config

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  1. So yeah I decided to move so that someone who is shit at programming can actually achieve something, and I'm getting errors as I move.
    So, how do I fix the @Override and the integers for the config?
    It claims that the integers are supposed to be objects, but how do I set it as an integer?

    Also, avoiding valueOf() would be very kind, it is inefficient and not the best solution (And not the one I'm looking for, of course)

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  2. Do call classes from Upper letter
    Why to put both "extends JavaPlugin" and "implements Listener"
    You're highly recommended to work with events in separate class
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  3. You should use UUID's instead of names in config and also put saveDefaultConfig() into onEnable.
  4. Mas


    • Name classes in UpperCamelCase.
    • Tell us what the error is when you hover over the integers when setting config values.
    • Tell us the message (if any) where you are trying to use @Override
    • Do expForNextLevel and EXP_REQ really need to be static? No, consider also using a seprarate class and accessing the method via either a singleton instance or through a getter in the main class.
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  5. Im used to doing it this way.
    Alright will do
    Code (Text):

    Cannot resolve symbol 'Override'
    Code (Text):

    Wrong 2nd argument type. Found: 'int', required: 'java.lang.Object' less...

    in MemorySection cannot be applied
    And I would prefer them to be static.
  6. Nnnnnnnever mind I found out I just forgot to add JDK 8 as a jdk
  7. static final fields are fine (they're constants). Also, singleton is not meant for sharing instances, it's meant to enforce singularity.
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  8. Out of curiousity, when would you use singleton over just passing the instance through a constructor? Also, is it possible to pass an instance without using singleton in an enum class?

    Edit: Apologise for hijacking the thread :/

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  9. So all this time you were using JDK 1.5 or something before
    Code (Text):
    was added.
  10. I had a JDK set up on Eclipse but forgot to do that on Intellij

    I use JKD8