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  1. Code (Text):

    This error, throws this: [19:21:13 INFO]: ERROR: null

    What error I have? Thanks
  2. Paste full error stack trace.
  3. Need more of the error from your console to help narrow it down.

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  4. There is no more error than that... Only says that
  5. In your system log, or console there should be more

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  6. So, no NullPointerException?
    1. o.getScore(ChatColor.GREEN + "" + this.main.kits.kit.get(player).getItemMeta().getDisplayName()).setScore(7);

    The itemmeta could be null of the item

    1. o.getScore("§fPuntos: §9" + Points.getPuntos(player)).setScore(13);
    The points of the player could be null

    1. final Objective o = sb.getObjective(DisplaySlot.SIDEBAR);
    2. o.unregister();
    The players scoreboard could be null