Errow in console - help please!

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  2. Please paste error logs in a paste service like pastebin next time. This issue is fairly explanatory : linux systems have a limit of maximum "files" (sockets are files on linux) it can keep open at any given time. You can view that limit by typing `ulimit -a` in an ssh console. You can set it using `ulimit -n <number>`.
    You can also view the current files/sockets a program uses by doing `lsof -p <PID>`.

    Post the result of the ulimit -a command
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  3. My server is no premium minecraft and I'm using version 224 and bungeecord enter your account CombatTag kills them and the other person says "You Logged in Another Locations' how to fix it?

    ulimit -a
  4. You can bump the ulimit open file value, I suggest you at least double it with `ulimit -n 2048`. I don't get your other problem, can you rephrase ?
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  5. My second problem is that my players are entering the kick one another out of the game by going to the account of two persons to the main server and write a message
    Log in Console:
    07:29:12 [INFO] /..........[Matips21] disconnected with You are already conne
    cted to the server

    My server is non-premium.
    Can we fix it?
    I can only use 224 other bungecord I turn off the server
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  6. Well, your problem is that you're running a server in offline mode. Nothing you can do really, this problem was deemed to happen the moment you chose an offline mode server. I doubt many people here support offline-mode servers anyway, so good luck getting help.
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  7. The corrected version bungecord 303 is also entering the account.
    Under this version off my server error in the console:

    It has something to this, the server shuts down for no good configuration bukkit.yml servers?
  8. Don't use any BungeeCord build between 224 and 309.
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  10. They contain a multitude of bugs, especially one (fixed in build 309) that happened when two people connected at the same time, making bungeecord freeze and kick everyone.
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