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  1. Nah it fine I am glad it does this since I have limited memory 'Since its hosted'
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  2. Yes,have a good time
  3. So, the main page says that the server needs to restart two times, but.. my server is in it's sixth restart and it still wont open.
  4. So I tried and removed the plugin and it opens correctly. No errors on console.
  5. Hey,
    Make sure you don't set ReadOnly to bukkit.yml,spigot.yml File
    If you set them is ReadOnly,may cause this problem

    If question still not solve
    Could you send me your log?
    Please add this plugin to your server,and then when it restarted over
    Send this log to me

    Or,give me your discord
    Let's talk in Discord
  6. Because only idiots say this is idiot.
  7. Vlvxingze updated EscapeLag - Optimize your server !Escape Lag now! with a new update entry:

    Load Reduction Update

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  8. Hello, I recently installed this plugin but it decreased everyone’s render distance by a lot, and we decided to uninstall, but the render distance is still low, is there a way to fix this?
  9. EscapeLag have a function:
    AutoSet by your memory
    This situation means "Your memory too low!"
    You at least need 4GB memory to make a server
    If your memory is too low,plugin will try to low down your View-Distance

    If you want to revert this change

    1.Install the EscapeLag.jar back
    2.Found the file in your server folder:"spigot.yml"
    3.Found "view-distance" in this file,and set it to "view-distance:10"(Default 10)
    4.restart your server

    This function will only change your View-Distance once.
    If you force set the "view-distance" back,
    The plugin will know you don't like this function
    And it will not use function "AutoSet" again

    If you have another question,leave your message.

    Hope you can continue to use this plugin,
    Have a good day
  10. when ever i type /op PLAYER i get a message (linked photo) and i cant op someone even though i have EscapeLag.admin and EscapeLag.bypass.chat enabled for the group

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  11. You have to have this right to OP someone else.
    You just need to give yourself permission.
  12. yes i have that, i can be op but i sometimes need to test things as a member and it stopps me from deop/reop unless i go to config
  13. Well,That is strange
    Because if you enter command "op/deop"
    The plugin will auto add your name into Config
    So strange
  14. Whether or not this plugins support 1.14
  15. 其实你可以去格兰蒂群里直接找我说中文呀,这里我不是经常看。。。。。。
    Actually it said that message is too short,so I have to enter something.