ess kit not giving blocks but tools

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  1. - my essentials. the donator kit gives everything same with starter but the kit obsidian kit is not giving the blocks or food, ect but jsut tools and armor. this is using factions and encahnts is endless enchants to allow me to enchant above the minecraft dafault
  2. Do you have created this kits via config or using a plugin?
  3. If you use the config try to use the plugin KitAdder. It select your inventory and it auto writes the Essentials code
  4. i used aplugin but not kit adder, i used esskit
  5. Any errors in console upon a essentials reload?
  6. Why are you writing some enchantments in the lore and then also applying the enchants? That just results in the enchantment being displayed twice with two different amounts, when only one value is used.
    I removed your unnecessary lores and broken enchants (you can't apply digspeed to a hoe normally), tested it, and it works fine now.
    Also, item ID 435 was unrecognized, so I commented that out in case you wanted to fix it.
    Edit: Sorry, tested in 1.8.
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  7. no no errors come up.
  8. and im not writing them at all. its the plugin im using.
  9. but thank you. i will test it
  10. it works. the try hards community thanks you. i now understand what was causing the errors and am better offf manully typing them in then trying to use he plugins
  11. Glad I could help. :)