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  1. Hello, I recently got the idea to make a survival, creative, and skyblock server but I am starting with creative first :D. But I am wondering since I can't find any good videos these days if you cool people know any essential plugins for a Creative Server.

    PS. I already have PlotMe.

    Side Note,

    With the fixedhackeditems plugin you need to get the addons and follow the setup for that, those three together will remove the majority of hacked client exploits. Hacked clients are very strong on creative servers.

    ItemRestrict just lets you remove things as you see them get abused, aka fire charges and arrows.
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  3. Ok I will try out the plugins you listed. Thanks :)
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    WorldEdit is great, you can give limited use on votes or per rank. It's a bit complex to setup, however. You can also get a plot rating plugin so other players can rate others plots. And a Banner maker/decorator as well as a ton of custom heads. PlotMe is rip, it's advised to use something like PlotSquared. Maybe even a schematic paster for premade builds.