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  1. Hello, Im Wondering If There Is A Way To Add Lines To Ban Messages In Essentials, Becuase Currently I Am Using Maxbans And Essentials And I Want To Ban Players From The Network *(Using Bungeebans) But I Cant Use /Ban Because It Interferes With BungeeBans And I Dont Want To Give Staff Members Groups In Bungee Because On My Network Staff Can Only Be Staff On 1 Server. So I Am Using /eban (adding an alias) So I Wont Interfere With Bungeebans (Also im using /banall (player) for network bans but the /ban will run from console so i dont need to add BungeeCord permission groups to staff) So i want to add another line to the essentials ban message example:

    You Have Been Permanently Banned From Factions
    Reason: Hacked Client
    By: Person

    Or something of that sort I seen something like \n to add a line or something (havent tested)
    And for the essentials ban messages im using essentials local file.
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  2. This text wall hurts my eyes..
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  3. Stop using capitals for every word ._.
    Also, just use \n
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  4. xD Its a habit a bad one lol
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  5. thanks i'll try it
  6. Sorry for the late reply and it worked thanks!
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  7. Make sure to mark as solved ;)