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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by iBrady, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for an Essentials alternative plugin. I always use Essentials but I want to try something else because almost everyone uses it.

  2. Why are you using Spigot although almost everyone else is using it too?
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  3. Thats something different, why always Essentials? I just want something else. Alot of servers have custom made plugins because they dont wanna use Essentials. I just want to try something else
  4. Essentials IS open-source.

    So change it yourself.
  5. If I had the skills :p
  6. essentialsx
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  7. I tried already, but it is not 1.7.10 right?
  8. They have actually better reasons than individuality. We used to use a custom one because Essentials had too many unnecessary features for our server. I replaced it with EssentialsX when I made a major update, the main reason was EssX' / Essentials' popularity. Popularity of a project is always good, the more users a plugin has, the more bugs are reported and fixed.
  9. If you want individuality, just change the chat messages.
  10. Best version ever. :cool:
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  11. I saw a plugin called BottomLine or something like that. It's kinda new here on Spigot, search it, It should be a good alternative :)

  12. Thanks! I am going to try it :)
  13. Try using commandbook, it's made by the same author as WorldGuard and Worldedit, and is essentially (no pun intended ;)) the same thing as Essentials. Requires WorldEdit, though that shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Thanks. I used it a few days ago but I like BottomLine
  15. I am just using essentials, but an alternative will be nice.
  16. The best <3
  17. Thats still Essentials, but I've found a nice alternative called BottomLine
  18. Yeah i know, it's good too.