Essentials and kit adder problem

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  1. Everytime I use the plugin "KitAdder" to create a kit ingame, It says the kit is created. But when I do (for eg.) /kit starter , it doesn't give me the kit and does not saying anything. I read about this somewhere where it says kit adder hooks onto essentials kits or smth like that? I dont understand. please help!

    this is the essentials config of the kit created by kitadder ingame.
    delay: 6000
    - "306:0 1 protection_environmental:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fHelmet"
    - "307:0 1 protection_environmental:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fChestplate"
    - "308:0 1 protection_environmental:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fLeggings"
    - "309:0 1 protection_environmental:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fBoots"
    - "257:0 1 dig_speed:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fPickaxe"
    - "267:0 1 damage_all:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fSword"
    - "258:0 1 dig_speed:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fAxe"
    - "256:0 1 dig_speed:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fShovel"
    - 364:0 32
    - "261:0 1 arrow_damage:1 name:\xa77Starter_\xa7fBow"
    - 368:0 16
    - 17:0 32
    - 262:0 64
  2. Big chance you have to reload essentials/restart your server for it to work.
    But you should ask the author of kitadder/post on its thread, a lot of ppl that might see this thread wont have ever heard of that plugin, and cant help you with it.
  3. I tried deleting essentials's config twice, Reloaded, Restarted, changing a different ingame kit maker plugin but to no avail.
  4. Well, @Ravada would be the one you have to ask
  5. Try using a different name?
  6. don't see how the name affects anything :confused:
  7. Try to use
    to reload Essentials. The kit adder is probably adding the kit to the configuration but isn't reloading the plugin.
  8. Tried. Did not solve the problem. Just to put it out there that the items in the kit is named and enchanted with safe enchantments.
    Thanks though.
  9. BUMP

    Please help me.
  10. Any errors in the console? If you do, post them. ;)
  11. Can anyone confirm that the cfg is correct? Or is the plugin adding it wrong. I've not used Essentials in a while.