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  1. Hi, I recently got into Maven and I wanted to use some of the Essential's api features to add into my plugin. I first decided to find the maven repository which I found a tutorial on how to add it in here.

    This tutorial basically gave me all the information on the information I needed to input for essentials to be my dependency in the pom.xml.

    However I realized then that this information was from a page that doesn't even update Essentials anymore and spigot updates it now (I think) so I began to find another Maven essentials repository. I found drtshock's one here,
    1st Question
    but however I am not sure what to input in the following so what do I input?
    Code (Text):
                <id>//Can I put anything here?</id>

                <version>//Can find this on my own</version>
    2nd Question:
    I then found a thread on where was the official Essential's api repository and drtshock stated that:
    "There aren't any API differences so you can build against whatever the Essentials team has in their repo."
    Does essentials have some sort of api within it? Or is there some sort of essentials api repository as well? Because there are two versions of Essentials I'm not exactly sure which Maven repository to take it from, drtshock's or from the official Essential's repository. This confuses me and sorry if it's common sense.
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