Essentials buy signs only work for some items

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  1. Hi, I'm using spigot 1.13.2 and EssentialsX and vault 1.7.2-B107, and players have the correct permission and can buy certain items (enchanting tables, cobble, wood etc.) but cannot buy items like beacons, diamond blocks, mossy cobble or sell items like melon seeds, which is a crucial part to our server economy. I was wondering why my players aren't able to do these actions and how to fix this.
  2. Check and recheck permissions, typically this is due to item-specific permissions, which you can toggle in the Essentials Config.
  3. Essentials.signs.use.*
  4. I don't see anything wrong with my essentials config and the permissions Sean gave me didn't work, i have attached the config for essentials here.
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  5. Is there an error when they attempt to sell them? Or does it just not work.

    Also. You gave us a Votifier config file with an IP address.

    Code (Text):

    host: *REDACTED IP.*
    port: 5479
    debug: true
    listener_folder: plugins/Votifier/listeners

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  6. If you should visit the official wiki (issues), you may find that your problem has been reported there.
  7. I've checked, it hasn't.
  8. Ok so I tried that and it didn’t work, however, I noticed that some signs have duplicates and some work but others don’t, I think this is to do with a conflicting plugin
  9. You can try this older version (Mar 29, 2018, (last recomended 2018 version) )

    Is there anything special about the 'regions' of the signs which do not work?
  10. Hey there, stood into the same problem as you, but I found out what the problem was. You need to type in the ID of the item to make it work! ;)