Essentials chat and lucky perm problem.

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  1. Hi, i managed to set up prefixe with lucky perms. But i dont know how to make, for example admins has the name and the messages colored in red.

    I tried to get it work with essentials config chat, but it has no effect on the server.

    Question: How can i make essentials to reconise my lucky perm ranks and to set each one of them a default color.

    LOL, i managed to change color for each group, but when i add a color before the displayname it dosent work,

    Code (Text):
    admin: '&6{DISPLAYNAME}&6:&6 {MESSAGE}'
        mvp¥: '&6{DISPLAYNAME}&6:&6 {MESSAGE}'
        mvp: '&r{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&5 {MESSAGE}'
        tarinee: '&9{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&9 {MESSAGE}'
        default: '&r{DISPLAYNAME}&7:&6 {MESSAGE}'
    &6{DISPLAYNAME}&6 = dosent work idk why.
    &6 {MESSAGE}'= works
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