essentials chat colours on by default

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by PMMLG, May 9, 2019.

  1. Okay, testing this on multiple servers, I found this out.
    This plugin list has the exact same issue as the plugin list I posted above

    And this plugin list does NOT have the issue, I know it's a lot less but, if someone could decipher what plugin could be causing this issue, that also is shared with the plugin list above.

    As I post this I'm going through configs of similar plugins like essentials, even some that shouldn't effect chat, like griefprevention and chestshop.
  2. You should first ensure that you DO NOT have any 'chat.color' or 'chat.format' permissions applied to the 2 affected servers.

    You can add those later, if you wish, as a rank (group) perk.
  3. I have made very sure, the permissionsex config that's on the server that works, is a direct copy of the config from the second server that doesn't work, meaning it's probably a plugin that isn't on the server that works, but is on both the others.

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