Solved Essentials Chat not working.

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  1. Hello guys!

    I use PermissionsEx for ranks and Essentials chat for prefixes and for chat formatting.
    Like so:

    # Default: '{WORLDNAME} {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&r {MESSAGE}'
    # Admins: '{WORLDNAME} &c[{GROUP}]&r {DISPLAYNAME}&7:&c {MESSAGE}'
    Akaprefix: '{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&c&l {MESSAGE}'
    Ketotulaj: '&0&l[&6&lTulajdonos&0&l] &r{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&e&l {MESSAGE}'
    jatekos: '&8&l[&7&ljátékos&8&l] &7{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&f {MESSAGE}'
    Tag: '&7&l[&e&lTag&7&l] &e{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&f {MESSAGE}'
    Hirdeto: '&8&l[&7&lH. játékos&8&l] &e{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&f {MESSAGE}'
    Tagplus: '&e&l[&6&lTag+&e&l] &6{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&6 {MESSAGE}'
    Tantum: '&6&l[&a&lTantum&6&l] &a{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&a {MESSAGE}'
    Tantumplus: '&6&l[&b&lTantum+&6&l] &b{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&b {MESSAGE}'
    Epi: '&2&l[&a&lÉpítész&2&l] &a{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&a {MESSAGE}'
    Epi2: '&2&l[&a&lÉpítész&2&l] &a{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&a {MESSAGE}'
    Admin0: '&1&l[&9&lRendőr&1&l] &9{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&3 {MESSAGE}'
    Admin1: '&4&l[&c&lAdmin ─&4&l] &c{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&6 {MESSAGE}'
    Admin2: '&4&l[&c&lAdmin ═&4&l] &c{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&6 {MESSAGE}'
    Admin3: '&4&l[&c&lAdmin ☰&4&l] &c{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&6 {MESSAGE}'
    Admin4: '&4&l[&c&lAdmin ☲&4&l] &c{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&6 {MESSAGE}'
    tulajh: '&4&l[&c&lT. Asszisztens&4&l] &c{DISPLAYNAME}&0&l:&c&l {MESSAGE}'

    For some reason this isn't working, the prefixes and the formatting doesn't do anything at all and no errors in log!
    Can someone help me?
  2. I believe that there is an option you gotta change in the Essentials config, but I am not used anymore to Essentials.
  3. It was working but its just broken
  4. what are you trying to achieve with it?
  5. It would be easier if you set the prefix with pex. Then only use the default group format. But remove {WORLDNAME}
  6. fixed, i loaded a backup