Essentials chat wont work?

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  1. I was trying to change the chat in essentials to remove the <> before and after a players name, because I don't like it. When I try and change it, it does not change! I asked people but they said that it is because of factions but I don't know how to fix it :(. Here is my essentials config
  2. Outdate Essentials?

    They (Essential developer) stop update it on minecraft 1.8
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  3. Get all your essentials from this page if your running a 1.8 build of spigot/bukkit :)

    Just delete all your essentials jars (keep the folders if you want to save your config)

    Then upload these jars and restart the server.
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  4. What plugins do you have on your server?
  5. Okay, the reason essentials chat is not working the way you want it to work is beacause on your mstore factions config file "chat format" is set to "True" which will use the format that is made into the fconfig. To change this, go to your server ftp file look for a file named "mstore" than find "factions_mconfig" than go into the file that's in there. Than scroll down till you find , after you look on that change the "true" into "false" and it should work! If you have further issues please send me a private message and i'll help you out more.

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  6. No you didn't, you said to use the one updated by the Spigot team.
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  7. nvm its just what i linked him to were the 1.8 builds were you could find essentials x, you just sent him there through a diffrent link
  8. You didn't link to the actual branch.
  9. ok
    In short: It's better and has more features which were needed.
  11. his issue has nothing to do with essentials, it's the factions plugin that is giving him that problem.