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  1. I'm configuring the file "messages_en.yml which changes the color of essential commands and my one question is, whats the format for Bold and Italics?
  2. That isn't what he's talking about. He is editing the essentials messages via the file, and wants to know the formatting codes.

    Bold: \u00a7l
    Italics: \u00a7i
    Underline: \u00a7n
    Magic: \u00a7k
    Strike: \u00a7m
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  3. eqx


    It works just instead of the & you do §
  4. Bold: \u00a7l
    Italics: \u00a7l

    Is that supposed to be both l's? Is there a difference? I'm confused on how to tell those 2 apart.
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    Italics has an i at the end instead of an l
  6. Okay, so I want to make the message italic
    \u00a77Returning to previous location.

    How would I format it?

    Like this: \u00a77\uooa7iReturning to previous location.
    Or like this: \uooa77 \uooa7iReturning to previous location.
    Has a space
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    Try both of them and see what works? o_O
  8. Sadly, I've tried and both do not work. :(
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    Have you tried using "§" like @AJCraftFTW suggested?
  10. I used the "§" format and this is what happened in-game. How would I fix this?


    Config text: §3§l§o*
  11. To write colored, before any sentence, add *** (instead of * put a code of essentials! Example: /u00a76 = &6)