Solved Essentials, config.broken.yml

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  1. So recently I Started my own Minecraft Server.
    Everything was going great until my shop stopped working.
    I had been using the Normal Essentials Sign Shop system.

    I go to essentials and find 2 files called "config.broken.yml" and i'm lost.
    Can anyone help?

    First config.broken.yml file:

    Second config.broken.yml file:

    Hope anyone can help.

    Also in my "Log" it says this:

    There are multiple plugin files for the plugin name 'EssentialsChat': 'EssentialsXChat-' and 'EssentialsXChat-'.

    The plugin 'Essentials' has a problem while running.
  2. Check your plugins folder for if you more than one Chat jar for essentials. Delete the oldest one.

    A broken yml is given when something in the config is wrong. So you've changed something or whatever, and its now, not valid.
    Use a YAML checker to find any issues.

    Once you find an issue, you can fix it, and rename the broken config back to config.yml , delete the other unused configs (plus broken ones) and start it back up, all should be fine.
  3. Yeah I Found another EssentialsX Chat plugin, this must of have been from earlier when I Was installing an older version of EssentialsX and forgot to delete 1 Chat.

    Anyways, I Checked both of the broken config files and it said Valid on both of them.
  4. If they are valid files, then something is likely wrong with a value you have set somewhere.

    Something Essentials doesn't recognise. Don't use the first YAML checker on google, try a different site as well, just be to sure.

    But anything you know you've changed, go back over, and double check it. Something will be wrong.
  5. Ended up deleting the broken config files and restarting my server. Everything works fine. Thanks.
  6. Well fair enough.
    Just be careful with essentials config, its a big file and small errors can mess it up, always good to remember all the values you change, so going over them can be easier to fix!

    Best of luck.