Essentials custom command with custom message?

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  1. What I want is for a custom command ("/vote") to open a custom text file ("votelinks.txt") on Spigot-Essentials.
    I'm asking this, because I believe it may be possible.

    What I know:
    - I could just use a specific plugin for this purpose, however, I don't like to mindlessly add more resources to
    my server, therefore I'd prefer to do this with essentials if possible.
    - If I can't manage creating a "new command" with a custom text being displayed, I am thinking of creating an
    alias command with essentials, which directs the player to something like /rules 12, where they would find
    the full list of links.
    - Another alternative may be creating some sort of system through vanilla command blocks, however, I don't
    know of any listening function which may help for the purpose of creating a command or displaying the vote
    links wherever the player is, and whenever he/she wants to see them.

    Have something more efficient in mind? Please tell me.

    This system would help players reach the vote links in a more efficient way, wherever they are. I would later schedule a global message inviting players to use /vote for prizes (The prizing system is already managed through a Votifier listener which grants player crate keys.)

    Thanks in advance! :)
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  2. Thanks for the suggest! I'll keep it in mind :)
    Just trying to recycle plugins here xD
  3. Up untill now I was using VoteRoulette, but I wanted to implement crates on my server, so I replaced it for CratesPlus, and added a listener which gives the keys to players. The only problem is that players have to go to a certain voting area in order to activate a preassure plate which gives the voting links currently.
  4. MakeYourOwnCommands