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  1. Hello,

    I tried looking this up and I can't find it anywhere. For the enchantment signs for essentials I tried adding


    And it keeps saying it can't find the enchantment. I can't write out ProjectileProtection because it's too long so what's another way to make Projectile Protection work out to write out into the signs and it stops giving me errors. I tried looking this up everywhere and can't find any support what so ever.
  2. Have you tried using the enchantment id instead of name?
  3. No what's the ID? But I much rather use a name I know the name works somehow cause I've seen some servers in the past figure this out.
  4. electronicboy

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    Literally the line below it, 'projprot'.
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  5. There we go. Thank you so much.
  6. Can you help me out? What line below what? I have looked and cannot find what I need.

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    I was referring to the source code which contained the list of aliases, essentials signs work as expected per the documentation
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  9. Ah, I had wrongly assumed the title of this thread -- Essentials Enchant Signs -- would indicate I am asking about what to place at line three for specific enchantment books. I have no trouble with [Buy] signs for other items, but now after several hours of Googling I still cannot find any documentation for 'buy' signs for the many books. So, any help with that?
  10. Make a separate thread please.
  11. What should I call the new thread other that "Essentials Chat Signs" and should it still be here in "Spigot Plugin Help"? To me that would seem like SPAM.
  12. I have no idea how I must have ended up looking at a wrong page or something, but now I think I have it.

    Many thanks!
  13. I am running EssentialsX and it does not recognize the shortnames in the source code. It also does not recognize something such as 'mending,403,70' in items.csv and neither can I find any documentation for using "Buy" signs to sell enchantment books. My 'mending,403,70' line in items.csv will sell me an enchantment book showing the 403:70 ID, but the book is empty (not a mending book). So can you give me a clue or two here as to how EssentialsX signs can sell enchantment books?

    Many thanks.