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  1. I have customized the essentials en-message proporties when I do /fix all and all my items are fixed it gives me this in chat

    Error: And then the customized text
    How to hide the Error message ?
  2. Anyone please help
    Me if u know react under here
  3. Weaves

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    Did it work ok before you customized it? Which Essentials are you using and what version? And what is your server version?
  4. server version 1.8.8
  5. Weaves

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    Essentialsx version? And did it work correctly before you customized it?
  6. @Weaves I will send you a screenshot of it.
    When something is damaged:
    When something is not damaged:

    Also one more problem /baltop does not work with essentialsX but the other version of essentials the /enchant does not work?
  7. change
    Code (Text):
    errorWithMessage=\u00a7cError\:\u00a74 {0}
    Code (Text):
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  8. @firewolf8385 ,
    I was searching for that but could't find it Thank you very much.