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  1. When I put my plugins and do / reload essentials do not put my kits instead I created another file called config.yml.broken how can I fix this?
    My settings :
  2. Do not ever use /reload. Use /es reload. If the kits continue to break then your layout is invalid.
  3. @BrettplayMC

    The kits still do not have that I have error in my configuration?
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  4. @darklazerog
    transform it and if they put the kits but I do not give them good, gives incomplete
  5. AngelRani


    What version of Essentials do you have? What version of Spigot are you using? Make sure your configuration is setup correctly. Also never use /reload.

    Also I got this error when inputting your config into a yaml parser:
    Code (Text):

    while parsing a block mapping
      in "<unicode string>", line 278, column 3:
    expected <block end>, but found '<block mapping start>'
      in "<unicode string>", line 306, column 4: