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  1. **Sorry for my basic English**

    Hello there, i need help.. Me and my friends got a server on 1.7.10.. but.. Problem is.. When i have ,,OP" and i Join to the server.. Always something set me btw i dont know what's name.. ,,auto-fly" and i'm not in creative mode.. Is problem in Essentials or something else?
  2. If you mean you've always got fly when you join the server, it's because you're OP which gives you full access to all plugins and the commands. So you'll automatically have permission to fly. Essentials also has a safe-login feature with it's flying that automatically sets your flying mode to true when you login if you were flying when you logout.
  3. It's possible to disable it?
  4. It's just a permission. You need to negate the permission for it using a Permissions Plugin.
  5. Hi. In the configuration of essentials, find this.

    send-fly-enable-on-join: true
    put that to false and it should disable fly on join.
  6. Actually, that just determines whether the message saying that your fly mode is enabled is sent on join, if your fly mode is enabled. It doesn’t affect whether your fly mode is enabled.

    If you’re in survival, you shouldn’t have fly mode set by default. I’d say report it to the Essentials devs, but that version of Essentials is outdated, and so is 1.7.10.
  7. Do /fly, disconnect and reconnect and you shouldnt be able to fly
    Once you activate fly mode with /fly it is persistent
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  8. /fly deactivates the command, haha
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