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  1. Hi there! So I have a MC server running and I have luckperms installed on it. I've created a Moderator group for my mods since they currently have op and can do what they want. Whenever I put essentials.gamemode in the Moderator group it says that it has been added. But when they try to use the command /gamemode c or /gamemode spectator, They can't. I have the Chat Control plugin installed so whenever they try /gamemode c it says "That would be nice wouldn't it?" How do I fix this problem? I've put Chat Control plugin perms in the Mod group but it stays the same.. should I remove Chat Control to fix this?
  2. You should give them the permission:

    I think essencials.gamemode is made to use /gmc or /gms
  3. Along with essentials.gamemode, you also need to add essentials.gamemode.X (replace X with the gamemode you want them to have access to switch to, e.g: essentials.gamemode.creative)
  4. I will try that one, Hopefully it works..
  5. I've tried that but still nothing..
  6. Use vanilla perms
    (They need to use /minecarft:gamemode instead of just /gamemode) but that's can work
  7. Give the moderators the right essentials.gamemode.all
  8. write it down did it work
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  9. It did Thanks!