Essentials god mode on join

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  1. Hello guys, people have no god mode on join, does anyone know how to set god mode on join?
  2. Look in the Essentials config if there is an option for that. If there is no option, search on google for "Command on join plugin bukkit"
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  3. Go in your Essentials config and check it or if you have WorldGuard you can configure it with this string:
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    auto-invincible: true
  4. Yes it worked almostly, but when I smite someone, they will still get damage.
  5. i could code you a plugin if you want to make the players invincible on Player Join just pm me!
  6. make shore your config looks like this
    auto-invincible: true
    auto-invincible-group: false
    ps my eclipse just killed itself so i will hopefully do the plugin tomorrow
  7. Yes this works almost, but when I smite someone, they get damage.
  8. Are you talking about /smite?
  9. when i done it i smited my alt and he took no damage
  10. Yes I am talking about that :D
  11. then don't /smite and there wont be a issue
  12. that was useless to respond to a thread old from 2 years