Essentials/Groupmanager warp signs perm problemes

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by ChickenPillow, May 30, 2016.

  1. So I have essentials and groupmanager, I put the perms for warp signs in grupmanager;
    essentials.warp.(warpname: e.g Ruins and also RageQuit)
    So when they click the sign ruins nothing happens, when they click ragequit it does work! They can do /warp ruins/ragequit and they both work, signs work for op,

    any ideas on how to fix?

  2. Chicken, please add me to Skype (ScenicJaguar101) and I can help you solve all of your problems because I see you have a lot!

  3. Sorry but I don't use skype or any of that kinda stuff, could I send u a message with all the problems wer u could reply with the answers, by the way i figured some of them out such as this was because of spawn protection?
  4. Now all I need help with is the CustomJoinItems, im looking over it now.
  5. Ive actually sorted out everything but thanks for all the help :)
  6. No problem - sorry I didn't respond until now