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  1. when i die on the server, a message like : puy /back to return to your die location , how i can disappear this message?
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  3. sorry but my english is so ugly :3
  4. But try to :/
  5. y change my question
  6. I don't know how to disable it but if You don't have the the permission You don't see it. :)
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  7. IIRC, dont give users the back permissions from Essentials and the message wont appear to them.

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  8. If you're using PermissionsEx:
    /pex group [name of group] add -essentials.back.ondeath
    If you're using GroupManager:
    /mangaddp [name of group] add -essentials.back.ondeath
  9. You are a pro :3
  10. :eek:
  11. im a bit stupid thanks to the comunity :D
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  12. If you want what i think this should help, try deleting your essentials PLUGIN not yml, updating it and your server jar..
    Hope this helps delta.
  13. Whe have already solved his problem ;)
  14. yeah