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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by YAML, Jun 11, 2016.

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  1. Hi,

    Why doesn't essentials let the public edit the command output file anymore?

    Please only stay on this topic as I would like to find a way to customize some messages.

    Many thanks,
  2. It does.... Head over to the GitHub for Essentials and find the file, download it, edit it, then drop it in your ESSENTIALS plugin folder and restart/reload server

    Hope I helped,
    Jackson (ScenicJaguar101)
  3. Thank you for such a quick reply, Unfortunately, no that doesn't work, I tried changing /heal to &a (using the unicode obviously) but it still came up as &6...
  4. [​IMG]
    As you can see.
  5. Make sure your lang file is named NOT, then use /essentials reload once you have renamed the file.
  6. Nope.

    No errors in the console. The Nickname was set to &c from &4, it still displays the &4 message and not &c as requested. It's as you said it should be, still not working :/ anyone else?
  7. With all of those lines in the messeges_en file, I assume you messed one of them up for it not to work. Look over it carefully to find any mistakes.
  8. Nope. Copied and pasted straight from github making sure no lining mistakes happened.
  9. Are you using Essentials Or EssentialsX to be honest the TeamCity one is kind of buggy
  10. You also can decode the plugin for any of the message things in different languages!
  11. EssentialsX essentials is outdated, I believe?
  12. Thanks for the suggestion, but not really relative.
  13. And you are having problems with the messages...
  14. If that doesn't work OP, skype me @ scenicjaguar101, or DM me and I can review the file for you and show you what the problem is, if there is one

    Have a nice day!
    Should be line 103 if you haven't removed any lines, and change it from:
    Code (Text):
    errorWithMessage=\u00a7cError\:\u00a74 {0}
    Code (Text):
    errorWithMessage=\u00a7cError\:\u00a7c {0}
    It was because the Error message part told it to be dark red

    the result in chat should be: &cError: &cBlah blah blah
  16. @YAML are you sure you haven't changed the locale setting in the main Essentials config. Just a check, I don't know why you would have though :p
  17. Will try tonight. Thanks.

    Will try when get home, thank you.
    Sorry, don't know what that is ahah! I've only touched the things I know what they do aha!
  18. You can also find the file by unzipping .jar file!
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