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  1. Hi there, yesterday when I restarted my server I noticed that I can't access any data from players that have joined the server like set homes. It says player has not set a home. When I use the /seen command I get this even though they have been on the server
    Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.06.41 pm.png ]
    Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. You might be using an outdated version of Essentials, either that or you have another plugin that is not compatible with Essentials.
    I recommend downloading Essentials from Jenkins:

    Any more problems post it on my wall, thank you :)
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  3. Well this was working a few days ago with the same essentials up until now, I haven't updated anything else
  4. Can you list any plugins you have added, or how you have tried to configure the Essentials folder?
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    Was any information from the player data folder from the world folder removed? Like, did you reset the main world, or load another one?
  6. No I didn't, I just done a normal server restart, the newest Plugin I have added is 1vs1 and that was a while ago.
  7. Is Essentials CaSe SenSiTive?
  8. Im not sure but I type the actual name Case Sensitive and when it gives me the message back, all names are in lower caps