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  1. Hey all, question about essentials homes. My users have all their homes set in an old 1.14 world that we used to run on. I now have an updated 1.15 world and all their homes take them to the same coordinates but in the 1.15 world, is there any way to make it so that the homes teleport them to the 1.14 world? Does it have to do with the 1.14 world having a different world name than it used to have?
  2. yummyfps

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    Yes, one fix for this would be renaming the 1.14 world to what the 1.15 one is and calling the 1.15 world something else.
  3. Strahan


    Failing that, a simple search/replace script ran on the Essentials userdata files will fix it.

    That said, if for example the 1.14 world was "world" and now you've renamed it to "oldworld" and made 1.15 "world", if users have been setting homes and such in the 1.15 world it'll be sticky as a search and replace won't know if a home using "world" is legit on 1.15 or an old 1.14.