Solved Essentials - how do I get the spawn location?

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  1. I am trying to hook into the essentials API, only issue is that I cant seem to find a javadoc for it or anything to explain how to use the api... Im basically just trying to get the spawn location set by /setspawn or /setworldspawn but I have no idea how ;/
  2. I am not sure what you are trying to achieve, but there is a World#getSpawnLocation() in the javadocs. Maybe that one it is enough for you?
  3. I did explain what I was trying to achieve, that doesnt help me. With essentials you can use /setspawn to set the spawn location of a world. When a player then types /spawn for example, they will be teleported back to this location. I am trying to figure out what method in the API I can access to get this location.
  4. Are you sure that essentials does change the World spawn, so when use that method, return the one set by essentials?
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  5. Ok that worked, sorry for assuming it didnt I suppose ;p
  6. Don't worry :p. Set the post as marked if it's all done