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  1. Hello, I am having two problems with the Essentials /info command

    Problem 1#
    The /info (page) command displays the message --- Einfo: Ultimate -- page 1 of 2 -----
    How could I disable that? Would it be under the locale files? I have looked and found something similar..

    Problem 2#
    How can I increase page limit so it is not asking players to
    Type /einfo ultimate 2 to read the next page.
    I have looked under essentails files and there is nothing that disables that, maybe I haven't look properly?

  2. I don't even know how to set this up XD
  3. It is part of Essentials it is under Essentials/Info.txt
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  4. Thanks, but what can it do?
  5. Can display text which can be customized with a bunch of variables.
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  6. So what's the actual question / problem here?
  7. It does clearly say it on the OP? #Problem1 and #Problem2 ?
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  8. Alright, thanks.
  9. Can't find info.txt
  10. Typing /info generates the file for the first time.

    I believe using the essentials custom.txt file ( ) you can bypass that ugly message - if the message is still too long, you do have to view a second/third/so on page, but there's no message telling you to view it.

    Otherwise, open up Essentials.jar with WinRAR or whatever archiver you use, edit, look for these messages to edit:

    Those are the messages that you are seeing.

    I'm not sure how you can increase page limit with the Essentials files, so I would recommend just coding your own, or using another plugin for custom messages if you dislike those limits.
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  11. find within the .jar (open with archiver) then find and drag it into your essentials folder. Then just look around for those messages. (ctrl + f).
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  12. Thanks for the info
    Thanks to you also