essentials inventory and chat

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  1. Hello people, well I have two problems, sorry if it is misspelled, I am using the translator, I speak Spanish.
    My problem is that on my server, for example, if a new user enters, gets things, and disconnects with having the inventory with things, and when connecting, he no longer has them, can someone help me to solve it?
    Then my second problem is chat, everything is fine in essentials chat but these brackets keep appearing <> and I don't know how to remove them
  2. Your plugins list could help.

    Go to your Essentials config,
    and search for "format:" and EssentialsChat's part should show up where you modify the format of chat. Remove it from there.
  3. Do you have EssentialsChat.jar?

    Tienes el EssentialsChat.jar?
  4. Bruh he mentioned EssentialsChat in his thread and title.
    I settled with him through Discord already.