Essentials is creating random save datas, results in spaming

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  1. Hello, recently the plugin called Essentials (Using EssentialsX) is spamming my console creating random save data while it's only a test server and only 5 players have joined. Here's a look:
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    Is it actually creating the files? That message is normal if the player file is missing, but should only create it once.
  3. But why they are so many missing players since only a few ppl have joined so far?
  4. Gaxan


    When a new player joins, essentials creates a file to store player data in for each player.
  5. Ik that mate, however it creates save files it shouldn't, it stores players that haven't even joined the server. Also I have a plugin that lists the richest players from essentials, it only shows the players that have joined my server and not the random ones created by essentials.
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    Check the config files and see if they are empty. Players may have attempted to join but didn't fully join the server for some reason.
  7. No man that's not the case, the server is private, because it's not fully completed, and its like a spam because it spams it alot
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    most likely a plugin on your server is causing those files to generate, those are v2 UUIDs, which are completely not what Minecraft itself would generate, online (v4) or offline(v3) mode
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  9. Alright, that was helpful, ty