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  1. How do i make it that when someone types /kit keys they will receive a key (form CrateKey plugin) and also maybe like kit tokens (from Tokens plugin) and they will receive it with essentials kits!
  2. That depends on how the plugin recognizes what the item is.

    Please link to the plugins you are using, if they're paid, buy me a copy.
  3. Im just asking if there is a plugin that can type kit tokens and it will run a command using /token give {name} 1 and the kit will give them one token
  4. From your first post, you stated that you want them to receive it via Essential's kit feature. A link to the token's plugin might shed some light on it and make it easier to assist you.
  5. Maybe I'm wrong, but isn't essentials kits only for giving players items?
    My guess is, that each element in a kit is "translated" into a give-command run through the console.

    If I'm right you cannot use essentials kits to issue another command than the give-command, thus you wish to run the command /token give {name} is not possible.
  6. I believe you are correct
  7. You can put meta on the items in the kit. If you input the meta exactly how the legitimate key has it, you should be able to trick it into thinking you have an actual key. But like mesome32 said, it depends on how the plugin recognizes the key. (
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  8. Um I see your problem,
    A token and a key have different meta,
    Include the key and the token(s) inside the essentials kit.
    I say it's better if you use another kits plugin such as for example Kingkits
    You can have the tokens and the key and whatever else you want wit the kit and make it.
    Here is the link:
    So what I am trying to say is that in kingkits it can copy your inventiory and your hotbar and make it into a kit,
    You could also do it trough Kingkits kit config.
    There is much other things you can do
    with kingkits but this the main thing

    Have your voter key and tokens and whatever else you had wanted with your essentials kit that has know turned into A kingkits kit bu having whatever you want in your inventory and hotbar and then type /createkit (name)
    In the file backend you can make cooldowns to kits and make permissions too
    Kingkits will copy the Metadata of the item so it should make it exactly the same