Essentials kits problem

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  1. Well i do not have brain for it so i need help from other professionals. So i have made some kits for my ranks and everything in the kits.yml right? Also have added these in to config.yml aswell, but when using these commands it will say "Error: That kit is improperly define. Contact an administrator." any ideas?

    My kits.yml

    # EssentialsX kit configuration.
    # If you don't have any kits defined in this file, the plugin will try to copy them from the config.yml
    # Note: All items MUST be followed by a quantity!
    # All kit names should be lower case, and will be treated as lower in permissions/costs.
    # Syntax: - name[:durability] amount [enchantment:level]... [itemmeta:value]...
    # For Item Meta information visit
    # To make the kit execute a command, add /<command> to the items list. Use {PLAYER} to specify the player receiving the kit.
    # 'delay' refers to the cooldown between how often you can use each kit, measured in seconds.
    # Set delay to -1 for a one time kit.
    # For more information, visit
    delay: 43 200
    - stonesword 1
    - stoneshovel 1
    - stonepickaxe 1
    - stoneaxe 1
    - cooked_chicken 10
    delay: 604 800
    - diamondsword 1
    - diamondshovel 1
    - diamondpickaxe 1
    - diamondaxe 1
    - cooked_chicken 10
    delay: 2 592 000
    - dpickaxe 1 efficiency:5 durability:1 fortune:3
    - dshovel 1 digspeed:3
    - dsword 1 fire_aspect:2 knockback:2 unbreaking:3
    - daxe 1 efficiency:5 fortune:3
    - cooked_chicken 10
    - dhelm
    - dchestplate
    - dleggings
    - dboots
    - colden_apple
    - /broadcast {PLAYER} sai just v├Ągevad asjad!
  2. I don't think you can define commands inside it, or atleast you couldn't in the past. Could be mistaken tho
  3. Nope, commands don't work. I'm updating my resource EasyKits soon that has the ability to do this!
    It is compatible with 1.8-1.12 for now
  4. There probably is a way, but yea an external way for kits is usually a better option, since it would offer more customization in general
  5. I absolutely agree with you Frosty!