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  1. Hello Spigot,

    Since I'm making a German server, I changed the lang in essentials to German. Local is set to 'de' and my messages file has the following name: I tried to change the colors but it didn't work for me? whenever I change the lang back to English the colors work is this an Essentials issue or am I doing something wrong? Would appreciate it if someone helped me with this!

    Here is a copy from the messages file incase you wanna have a look at it:

    Thanks anyways,

  2. It did not work because the entire message file was set to UTF-8 and UTF codes should be used. Example:
    To green: \u00a7a
  3. No, I'm using the old Essentials
  4. You need to use the spigot version of Essentials. I was having a problem with the bukkit version - the plugin wont work. Just download the spigot version from here: and try to change the language

    EDIT: If you want to use your version you need to change the spigot to craftbukkit which nowadays is limited from plugins.
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  5. If it is possible I would like to keep the old Essentials and not EssentialsX, I have problems with the old Essentials not the EssentialsX. I just don't like some features in the EssentialsX thats why I'm not using it. If anyone knows why I can't change the colors in the german lang file please let me know!
  6. I just said you. No matter how much you want to keep the old Essentials. You're forced to use EssentialsX cuz you dont want to use craftbukkit, right? Now after you read this download EssentialsX and make your custom messages/n things.
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  7. Well, everything works fine when I use the english lang file, but when I change it to german it does not let me change colors. There is nothing wrong with essentials it works fine, there is only an issue with the german lang file.
  8. Do the file is named correctly? It needs to be messages_de.yml .
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  9. Yes, they are. Here are some screenshots.
  10. You're named the file essentials_messages_de.propertiets, it neds to be messages_de.propertiets
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