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  1. Hello, i got 3 question's that i hope someone could answer, i'm using TeamCity Essentials
    1. What line in the Msg.prop file is the msg /fly [player][on:eek:ff] at?? if not in the file, how do i get rid of it?
    (with coding or something)
    2. Where is the msg to change the color of <player> &7is now afk??
    3. Where is the msg /sell <<Itemname>:<ID>:hand:inventory:blocks> [-][amount] at, how do i get rid of it?
    (with coding or something)
  2. Are you trying to change the prefixs and the colors?
  3. Download that and use \u00a7[COLOR CODE GOES HERE] before your prefix or after.
  4. i just wanted to get rid of the fly, and sell one, cause i have other plugins that use those commands, but shows those msg's for some reason
  5. userIsAway=\u00a7a » \u00a77{0} \u00a7eis now AFK.
    userIsNotAway=\u00a7a » \u00a77{0} \u00a7eis no longer AFK.

    I put this msg, but theres a weird face in the front of on the msg when i do /afk, what did i do wrong??
  6. Save the config file in UTF-8
  7. Do what the user above said or replace the >> with \u00BB
  8. the fly and sell didnt work, is there another area it could be?