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  1. So basically. I'm trying to edit the Essentials /msg message. I want to remove the display-name when you do /msg to a person. So basically, when I do /msg, this is what happens. I already have Essentials Messages installed.
    Code (Text):
    [me -> [Builder] Oh123]
    I want to remove the display-name, and just leave it with the user's original username, like this.
    Code (Text):
    [me -> Oh123]
    Is there anyway on how to do this? Do you have to edit the source code. Or adjust some settings?
  2. I think this is made so in the code.
  3. There's a file in Essentials called "" It basically allows you to edit every single message in essentials.
  4. I already have that file, if you read the thread.
    I'm asking if you could change the Essentials msg format, remove the displayname, and leave it with the person's original username.
  5. Uzi


    Try this put in

    Code (Text):
    msgFormat=\u00a77 \u00BB \u00a7e{0}\u00a77 \u00BB \u00a7c{1}\u00a77 \u00BB \u00a77{2}
    Are you trying to change the format of how people talk in chat or how people message each other?

    Let me know thanks! I am willing to help as much as I can,
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  6. The display name is still there. All you changed was you made the arrow into a unicode?
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  7. Im looking for this as well, please anyone help?
  8. You can't do that, because it's specific function for Essentials that displays username with prefix.
  9. @EricWal, thats incorrect,

    @OP, to remove the prefix, and/or suffix to names when messaging, the only possible way is to entirely remove the suffix/prefix, by changing
    Code (Text):
    add-prefix-suffix: false
    If you set this option, you will manually force on or off the appending of prefixes and suffixes to displaynames globally, regardless of if EssentialsChat is installed.

    Alternatively, you can edit Essentials' source code itself to change the command, which of course, would require a high level of Java Expertise, another solution is to learn Java and code your own messaging plugin.