Solved Essentials nick change help!

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  1. I just changed my nickname and it doesn't happen but it doesn't change. They told me to put in the deluxechat replace name: '% player_name%' with% essentials_nickname%

    here some images to understand me


  2. by the way I just checked my plugins folder and I have the Essentialschat, do I delete it?
  3. You should be fine to keep them both installed unless you really don't want it installed.

    You should download placeholderapi and download the Essentials dependency using /papi ecloud download essentials. (i think)
  4. uh. Why are you using a cracked version of a plugin?
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  5. Some people aren't smart enough to remove "CRACKED" from the jar file.
    Some people also aren't smart enough to not use stollen plugins.

    Im starting to wonder if the OP even paid for DeluxeChat, maybe @clip wants to verify this? If not, we can just stop offering support right here, because I for one respect clip and his work... and if the OP is using a stolen plugin like FeatherBoard, he is probably using other stolen plugins, and I for one won't help someone this shady.
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  6. What makes this even worse is that OP bought AnimatedNames...


    Why wouldn't you purchase Featherboard while you're at it?
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  7. SteelPhoenix

    OP deleted his plugin folder pic so here it is for future references.. ;)

    Why are you using 2 chat plugins and are you using cracked plugins? Support is only given to buyers.
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  8. Well, I have bought the deluxe chat, so I do not see any problem, but if you do well, I could fix the problem anyway thanks