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  1. Hello everyone,
    Essentials is(or are I'm not sure) blocking the nickname when I am trying to modify my nickname into Chinese(because I'm running the server in Taiwan), even I have op permission to do so. The error message is about the nickname should only either alphabetic or numeric, I searched the Internet about this problem but the only solution I found is to modify the class file in the Essentials.jar package, but they are saying this method isn't working anymore.
    I tried to install another nicknaming plugin, but those nicknaming plugins I found are too old or not working at all.
    So I'm thinking have other people solved this problem or noto_O.
  2. mathhulk

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    I don't think Essentials allows the use of any non-abc characters. Try using something like or another similar plugin.
  3. Did you change
    Code (Text):
    (Essentials config.yml)
    to false?