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  1. Hey there,
    Basically I am looking for some way to make it so when a player logs into my server, essentials does not make a player data file for them and instead inserts the information into a database. I have found plugins that allow me to port the essentials information to a database but none that remove the need of the player data files. The reason I am looking for this is when hundreds of players join a server it tends to lag out because it is creating so many files.

    Does anyone have an essentials version that does not store data in files and instead ports the info to mysql?
    Does anyone know a way to prevent essentials from doing this (Plugin etc).
    If you have a way that I could prevent a little bit of lag when essentials is doing this that would be great also.

    Thanks so much!
    Also I am running paper spigot 1.8 so it needs to be compatible with that. Thanks!
  2. You can’t just ‘disable’ data files, those files save all the information of a player like there homes nicknames and so on.

    Can you take a timings report of your server when it’s lagging because i don’t think essentials data files are causing the lag.
  3. When you have more than 200 players join your server within 1 second the creation of 200 new data files causes significant lag.
  4. Yeah but when does this happen? If those players have already played on your server essentials won’t create new data files.

    Are you running your server on a HHD or SSD? Using mysql should help allot if the creation of those files causes lag. Are you sure the creation of those files are causing the lag can you provide us with a timigs report so we can double check if it’s not anything else?
    If you really want to disable this why not just remove essentials.
  5. Limit the maximum connections per second.

    Seems you want to push a car from rolling down a hill when you can just pull the brake.
  6. Strahan


    I think you're overstating the problem. Creation of tiny files is not very costly from a performance standpoint. Also it's not like MySQL doesn't write to disk either or have any performance penalty. I had no lag problems when I had ~30 users wandering the world in different areas while running Dynmap, which creates a fuckload of files. Either your host is crappy or you have something else going on.
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