Essentials or EssentialsX

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  1. What would you recommend to use for a 1.7.10 factions server, Essentials or EssentialsX?
  2. EssentialsX. Essentials is basically abandoned and EssentialsX is active and has updates being made to them.
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  3. If i was you, I would use Pro Essentials!
  4. I agree what @Spider195 said but what you should do is use Essentials, then, when you update your server to 1.8 or higher use EssentialsX. The reason is Essentials has all of its features, EssentialsX almost has the features. It says it in the overview as well towards the middle of it. Hope I helped! :p
  5. See i used to use pro essentials for my punishment system for a 3rd party plugin and it was great and i kept on to it and i recomend it
  6. Any way why are you using 1.7.10? update to either 1.8 - 1.10
  7. I'm using 1.7.10 for a factions server for cannoning/sand mechanics and pvp.
  8. you know you can get cannoning & sand mechanincs skripts and plugins for 1.8 - 1.10
  9. id rather stick to 1.7, the most popular factions servers in the world run on 1.7. skripts dont seem to be too good on a server for 150+ players on it that i dev.
  11. I completely agree with @Spider195 . EssentialsX by a long shot.
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  12. BTW AJ844FB its not a plugin, its a skript
    why do you think it has no plugin.yml or classes or META.IF
  13. but @JujuMot said that essentialsx is only half done.
  14. @RogerTom
  15. skripts are usually poor in performance on a large server.
  16. You know all mineplex uses are skripts right!
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  17. i doubt that, do you have any proof?
  18. Well my friend is an ex developer at mineplex, His name is G