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  1. I have a little problem.
    I want that someone to have the permissions to fly but only in one world.

    I tought this would work but it doesn't (I use permissionex)
    does anybody know why it doesn't work
    or maybe that it isn't possible
    srry for bad english (i am dutch)
  2. With GroupManager you can give specific ranks/perms in specific worlds. I don't know about PermissionsEX as I have never used it though..
  3. Just add worlds to your pex permission file like this example:

  4. iMC


    The command is /pex user {name} add {Name Of World}
  5. i have used pex in the past but iu reccomend you change it since it isnt the best permissions plugins and can cause problems on your server. try bpermissions it is alot easier to use. That being said the command iMC posted will do the trick.
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  6. Not everyone experiences issues with PEX (myself included).
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  7. I always used pex but ive seen it cause some spikes in the latest rev of my server.
  8. I don't want to Hijack this thread for a discussion about a plugin.