Essentials - rain = sun?

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  1. hi, if i set:
    /weather rain (or thunder)
    i get:
    "weather is set to sun in world1"

    Code (Text):

    /weather thunder
    ? I wan´t to create weather with thunders, but i don´t know how.
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  2. Rabbitual

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    "/weather thunder"?
  3. Rabbitual

    Rabbitual Previously Cha0s__

  4. So the command is: /weather thunder
    And i put it in the consoele, but i get :"weather is set to sun in world1".
  5. try /weather thunder <time> <worldname>
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  6. Rabbitual

    Rabbitual Previously Cha0s__

    I don't generally worry about weather, so I'm not exactly positive, but if you aren't setting the time, it might just be defaulting to 0, hence why it would be set to sun.
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  7. If the command is EssentialsX, then check the syntax and arguments for it on the E-wiki, not on MC-wiki.
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  8. Thx!
    Code (Text):

    /weather thunder 60 world1
    This leads into:
    Code (Text):

    You set the weather to sun in world1 for 60 seconds.
    Wether it is a essentials-command or a vanilla-command. The command should work. So if i choose thunder i get sun. Why?
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  10. I have the same issue. Try /weather thunder thunder world when executing from console
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  11. That is working :)
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