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  1. Hello!
    I have a problem with essentials signs
    I try


    But the sign dosen't working...
    I tried to search for some fixes, but I find only to enbale sign in config.yml, but... in the new versions of essentials this dosen't exist.
    Does someone have any idea how I can fix that?
  2. I think you need a capital R: [Repair]

    Also see the section enabledSigns in config.yml and remove the # from in front of the signs you want to use.

    You also need the permission essentials.signs.use.*
  3. The section ,,enabledSigns" dosen't not exist in config.yml...
  4. In Essentials config.yml file there is following lines (check below spoiler), you need ro remove the hashtag symbol in front of the sign style you might wanna use, then I suggest you to check out Sign Tutorial too..

  5. Nvm, I reinstall essentials and now I have this section. Thx for help!
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