Essentials Signs doesn't work

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  1. Essentials Signs doesn't work for me. The default players can't use signs as [Disposal], [Buy], [Sell], [Kit] and rest of the signs you can make. Only OP's can use the signs. :/
    I removed the #'s from the config and gave the default rank permission to it, but it doensn't work.

    I use thing essentials config.yml:

    And this is the permissions ex permission.yml file:
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  2. Are the signs within the area of spawn.
    If so, spawnprotection can cancel the event!
    Try to remove spawnprotection!
  3. Are the signs close to spawn?
  4. You mean like world guard? Cuz it didn't work before I claimed the spawn with World Guard. :/
    Btw I allowed "use"
  5. I just removed the spawn region. But It doesn't work. Defaults can't open enderchests either.
  6. Yes
  7. Open your file and change the spawn protection area to 0
  8. It works! Thank you so much! I spend so much time on this!
  9. What version do you use?
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  11. Done :)
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  12. Im new at :3 How do I mark my post as Solved?