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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by IAmADragon, May 19, 2015.

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  1. Hi,

    I just had a sys admin update my server and essentials to 1.8. Every thing in essentials works correctly except the signs. It says nothing in the console or in the chat about the signs. The signs I still have in the shop look the same but when I create a new sign the [Buy] isn't blue. My enabled signs in the config looks exactly like this:

    - color
    - balance
    - buy
    - sell
    - trade
    - free
    - disposal
    - warp
    - kit
    - mail
    - enchant
    - gamemode
    - heal
    - info
    - spawnmob
    - repair
    - time
    - weather

    If any one could tell me how to fix it that would be great. I need it done soon because my players need to use the shop on the server.
  2. Maybe dont use essentials?
    Fix ;)
  3. Is it red? what are you putting after [Buy]? And plugin list?
  4. It's not red. It's the default sign color if I put a new buy sign down but the old ones the [Buy] is blue. This is the sign format I'm doing
  5. do you have essentials.* perms?
  6. You mean essentials.signs.* lol
  7. Would the config be helpful to solving the issue?
  8. Yes.
    Dont copy and paste it to pastebin like give us like
    Which is the file not just the text as sometimes removes formats.
  9. Here's a paste bin of it: It didn't remove any formats, I checked.
  10. Ok.
    Did you make the # a space or just remove it?
    I believe its to remove it.
  11. I removed it.
  12. Sudzzy


    Only thing I can think of has been said above, permissions. Try re-opping yourself and re-granting yourself permissions.
  13. There's no logs to be posted.

    Also it looks like the signs are disabled because if you create a new sign the [Buy] doesn't turn blue.

    Issue solved by just updating the server to 1.8.3 instead of 1.8. Thanks for every one who helped, requesting thread lock.
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  14. hit the report button and ask then an lock
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    Thread locked per request
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