Essentials Signs permissions not working

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  1. Hi so I'm working on kit pvp for my server and I'm running into this issue where the default sign permissions arent working. I'm using the permission essentials.signs.use.* that is currently the only permission in the default rank. Please Help!
  2. What is the error that it gives a player when they try to use an essentials sign? Could we see a plugin list as well?
  3. When I click the Kit sign it doesn't give any message it just doesn't do anything. I know that the Kit sign is enabled because when i'm opped the signs work.

    Plugins list:
  4. You active sign in the config of essentials?
  5. Yes it is enabled in my config
  6. Please restart the server and copy the startup logs and also copy the config for us, and also copy the perm config for us too
  7. Why don't you try specifying the actual permission node:

  8. I have the same problem, how did you fix it? The only difference is that I did the permissions in config, using signs.use.warp, but it doesn't work, bukkit default perms disabled, I enabled the signs, but I can't use the tp in someone not opped, although they can warp to the position while it is not in a sign.
  9. change spawn-protection to 0 in
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