Spigot Essentials (Skript) [1.16.5-1.17] [Bungeecord/Spigot/Paper Support] 1.18 PRE-RELEASE 1

Essentials is back but in Skript.

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    Essentials - Essentials is back but in Skript.

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    Essentials Update 0.2

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    Essentials Update 0.3

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  4. Nice plugin but there are alot of essentials at least try think of a more original name.
    This brings me to the question;
    why should i use your skript when i could download another essentials remake such as EssentialsX
  5. Hello, following your question Essentials is a very well developed plugin, my skript allows to redo from A to Z the Essentials plugin with improvements that could possibly be included in the EssentialsX plugin, I watch several Essripals skript but This is not complete, I want to do a very complete skript with all the controls of EssentialsX that is why I do this skript and that is also why you will have to install this skript to the best of other skript. Thanks, have a good day.
  6. Thank you! but instead of just doing the features that EssentialsX has i think you should do the features it has plus more features as this would help get your resource/skript popular.
  7. Thanks, for now I ordered Essentials and then upgraded them with new systems.
  8. you forgot the warp system
  9. Lmao, i suggest you fix this ASAP and while you're at it add a few more features @alexisl315
  10. The warp system will come later I think for version 0.5.
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  11. Good luck on getting some downloads before this then, because one of the main features of essentials is the warp system

    EDIT: PS Congratulations on over 50 downloads!
  12. Thanks, I know it's going to be complicated to code but its going to go :)
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  13. When your plugin has been further developed i may use it on my server until then i'm going to watch this resource and continue using EssentialsX
  14. So when you use my skript, it is not compatible with EssentialsX because the EssentialsX commands are created by my skript so there are 2 times the same commands, it could be that the version 0.4 will be a surprise for the players.
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  15. You should make a list of the permission nodes and commands before you add the rest.
  16. This is what i did, but i will do a system when we go do / essentials help this will put us all the commands with all their pemissions that will come later i think after the 1.0.
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  17. You might better want to rename this resource to EssentialSkript instead of Essentials
  18. Sorry but no I would not change name because it's mark in the description that it is a skript but not the real Essentials. thanks anyways.
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  19. Did you remove your (first) copy of (this) Essentials Skript due to bad ratings?

    First one

    Second one (This one)

    https://www.spigotmc.org/members/190298 is @alexisl315 (You)
    And yes, this resource made by @HYPExMon5ter can look up removed (free) resources.
    It doesn't work on premium resources though ;-;
  20. Yes I decided to remove the first Essentials because it was bad, I do it again with more mistress, ease ;)
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